Cairn Online Psychological Services

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    1 in 4 adults in the UK will have a mental health problem in any 12 month period
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    Early access to psychological therapies is recommended for best outcomes
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    Professionally Registered Therapists & Psychological therapies including CBT
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    Cairn OPS provides HIPAA compliant therapy access wherever you are using evidence-based face to face online therapy
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    Mental health assessment, treatment, work rehabilitation for a better quality of life
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Cairn OPS

Helping You Achieve Your Best Mental Health and Well-Being

Talking to your therapist face to face online is easy, confidential and discreet.

There are 2 Easy Steps

1. Contact us to make an appointment
We send you a couple of 2 minute questionnaires to help us discover exactly how you are feeling.

2. We match you with a therapist & explain how to link up securely.


Getting to a therapist in person isn't always easy


walking a tighrope, juggling with lifes priorities


Current access to therapies and counselling in the UK is limited often with long waiting times.

We supply your personal therapist where and when you need them.

Sometimes its difficult to get time away from work


so your too busy, your welbeing is important too


We offer improved access for individuals and companies to a professional service provided by expert clinicians.

With improved IT services today this benefit is no longer too expensive to set up in your office or house and can be made available to all using a secure confidential link on your computer.

All you need is broadband and a confidential place to talk.

A Service You Can Trust

Cairn OPS has developed from the extensive experience of our Clinical Advisory Board who provided some of the first NHS teletherapy services to remote areas in the 1990's.

These services were well received by clients as they improved access and were found to be as effective as in person office based therapy services.

We continue to use empirically tested, evidence based therapies accessed through online teletherapy.

We provide professionally registered therapists who undertake regular continuing education to bring you the best service.

A Successful outcome

We Provide

A Professional service built on experience

First secure online teletherapy available in the UK


unlock your full potential

Increased accessibility

Convenient and confidential

Effective evidence-based therapy

Mental Health Assessment and Treatment

Providing individual professional expert support for you.

A network of clinicians providing the highest quality online therapy service


we hook you up with the right experts


The highest quality online therapy service

Reliable in assessment and treatment
High client satisfaction
Cost effective
Provides similar outcomes to in person office based therapy

Psychological Help

Anxiety Disorders
Depressive Disorders

Health and Wellbeing Coping Strategies

Physical Health

Personal Counselling to improve quality of life

Weight Management
Smoking Cessation
Health Goals

Therapy on the Move

If work takes you away from home we can be there


help on the move

Positive Feedback

"Talking to my therapist online is easier for me and very convenient."

"I used to have to travel a long way to get to hospital services but now I can do my therapy sessions from home."

"It's straight forward to log on. It's just the same way I talk to my daughter in Australia."

"I felt a lot better after my sessions."

"I can put a "Closed Door Meeting" sign on my door at work and have a session there. No-one needs to know I am seeing a therapist."

We look forward to helping you

Its really is quite straight forward

First ~ Contact us to make an appointment
We send you a couple of 2 minute questionnaires
to help us discover exactly how you are feeling.
You will do these again at the end of the completed set of therapy sessions to see how you have improved.

Next ~ We match you with a therapist & explain how to link up securely.



help is on hand


This is not an emergency service. If you feel that you need to talk to someone in an emergency please call your GP surgery, NHS-24 or the Samartitans Tel: 116 123 who are open 24 hours a day.